spindlesBlu-ray replication
is the phrase usually used to describe the process of manufacturing factory-pressed read-only Blu-ray (with video or data content, or a combination) to single-layer BD-25 discs or dual-layer BD-50 discs.

The factories we use are fully licensed and ISO certified with strict quality control procedures from glass mastering right through to packaging and despatch, providing an unbeatable combination of product quality and service.

Our Blu-ray replication process is carried out as follows: The master disc or data file you supply is used to create a 'glass master' which is a disc containing a bit-for-bit accurate copy of your data in the form of microscopic indentations called 'pits' cut into a layer of glass. The areas between the pits are referred to as 'lands'. 'Stampers' are then moulded from this glass master via several manufacturing stages and these stampers are then used in turn to mould the final copies, with the data pits this time moulded into a layer of polycarbonate covered by a layer of metal which follows the pits and lands in the polycarbonate and serves as the reflective layer for the read-laser. Once this metal layer is covered by a protective layer of lacquer for the print surface, the final product beomes a very durable and long lasting data carrier. Testing is carried out during and after moulding to ensure the playability of the final copies, followed by disc printing, packaging and shipping to complete the final stage of the replication process.

AACS copy-protection
Copy-protection is mandatory (unless you're producing a data-only disc), in the form of the AACS (Advanced Access Content System). You will need to supply an AACS Licence ID and a signed BDA Licence for any Blu-ray logos used on the print and packaging. We can author your master disc for you within the legal restrictions if you are unable to. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements for authoring and / or an explanation of how to apply for the various licences. To avoid AACS and the extra charges entailed, use BD-R duplication instead.

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