spindlesDVD duplication
is the phrase usually used to describe the process of copying content to recordable single-layer DVD-R discs (aka: DVD-R duplication) or occasionally dual-layer DVD+R discs (aka: DL DVD+R duplication).

Our DVD-R duplication process is carried out as follows: The master disc or data file you supply is used to create an image file on a hard disk connected to a bank of DVD writers. This image file is then verified against the master disc and copied to A+ grade blank DVD-R discs which have usually been pre-printed with your artwork. Each finished disc is then verified again against the image file on the hard disk after duplication, ensuring bit-for-bit accuracy for your data.

If you require copy-protection, a new CopyLock image file is created on the duplicator hard disk from your original master data. This is aimed at preventing unauthorised attempts at duplication or ripping of the final copies. (DVD-Video content only).
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